We can manufacture modular housing using any of the currently available techniques, timber frame, cross laminated timber, steel, hybrids and ISO containiers. Our preferred modular building units are manufactured using steel as a primary structural element. This is because there is No splitting, No cracking, No Warping, No rotting - below are a few more reasons we think steel is a preferred material;


Maintenance & Safety Benefits


Mold resistant

Dimensionally stable

Termite proof

Fewer call-backs after build


Construction Benefits

Consistent quality

Straight walls

Square corners

Smaller punch list

Stronger connections

High strength

Safer structures

Highest strength-to-weight ratio any building material

Lighter than other framing material

Faster build

No nails required


Less scrap - Less waste

Less than 2% waste when building with steel

20% scrap & waste when using timber

Build more with the same amount of materials