We intend to increase the activities in this department to cover all the various media & communications channels, our associated company CARL HENRY GLOBAL SA has a 35 year history in marketing businesses offline and online since 1998.


Content marketing

We have already purchased many key word rich domain names and posted content on the internet that is highly visible and will result in greater awareness, visibility and sales enquiries.

Through www.carlhenrydomains.com & www.carlhenryinternet.com where we have over 100 people under contract we will continue our efforts to dominate the content relating to modular construction.


Social media

We have also established a presence on the main social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.



We have so far recruited 50 people across the UK who want to be representatives who will sell our modular products and find suitable land for housing development, our target will be to have up to 1,000 representatives.


Direct Sales

We are intending to develop our online and offline sales capacity to sell our standard products and a range of optional extras and finishes directly to owner occupiers.


Trade sales

One of our big markets will be to supply the existing, and new entrants, to the home building industry with alternative options for the construction of the buildings. This is a vast market and easily identifiable in terms of building our prospect list.


Strategic alliances

We will also look to suppliers of products and services which are non-competitive but complimentary to bring us sales prospects.