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Carl Henry Modular UK HousingThe growth in Modular construction of housing in the UK is being strangled because the industry is shrouded in mystery, particularly relating to the product range and the cost. Getting an accurate and fast quote is almost impossible and modular companies are wasting thousands on producing custom quotes for each job.


Modular construction facilities are also fragmented, being dotted around the country, and there seems to be an unwillingness for companies to co-operate and work together in order to create critical mass. Co-operation will result in better efficiencies within the industry and lower prices for our customers leading to an up-tick in B2B & End-user sales.


The UK government is trying to incentivise the construction of more housing with a hard to get grant funding and trying to attract fragmented small builders. This approach simply increases the cottage industry approach to modular construction in the UK.


Modular construction of housing lends itself to mass production, standardisation, speed of delivery, high-quality and lower prices for the end user. But this requires transparency and coordination along a vertically integrated production line.


It is now time for the publishing of transparent pricing and the establishing of standardised housing modules and pods so that like for like products can be compared in the market by end-users.


The only way is to deliver this is through the Internet and creating online shops where end-users, both trade and the public, can learn about the products available and the approximate pricing of their desired building.


Ordering your modular house online is the future – we are going to be leaders in achieving that aim. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information now!